glass blwoing workshop and courses

glassblowing workshops:

Whether you want a one-time experience to celebrate a family event or you want to go out n amazing date, the studio is the place for you!

You will have a fun, fascinating and mesmerizing experience. From the moment you arrive until you leave you will not be able to get up from the crafting of glass.You will create with your own hands and take back with you home not only your own glass souvenirs but mostly an unforgettable experience! To the Workshops page

Workshop page

Glassblowing courses:

If you are already familiar with the field of glassblowing, whether you already have experience from other teachers or you have no background at all and you want to become a glass artist yourself – our studio is unique in the landscape of glass blowing in Israel. Here you can learn from many years of experience that I have learning from the greatest artists in the world- among them “pilchuck” glass scholl that was founded by Dale Chihuly. you will get lots of attention and personal emphases that will show you the right way to become an amazing glass blower. From the very first lessons, you can create your own at home. To the courses page

Courses page

Inspirational Glass Artists:

One of the artists I was privileged to study with is Simona Cristiani, an Italian artist, with a natural gift and meny years of expiriance. Simone’s greatness is in inventing techniques in working with a tourch to create a huge and spectacular work of art. He has the ability to work at high heat with great tools and he creates spectacular home decor tools and amazing artwork. Among his things you will find the famous glass bonsai trees.

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