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You want to become a glass blower? want to creat by yourself? This cours is for you

Glass blowing Intro course

Why should I learn glass blowing?

If you:

- Want a new hobby

- Want to start creating all by yourself

-- Always was interested in glass blowing

- have some free time and what to use it for something special

- Want your kid to learn an amazing form of art


This is exactly for you! 

- No need for any prior  knowledge

- Suitable for age 8+ 

- Gives you the basic tools for glass blowing

- Fun and professional!

In the introductory course we will learn the basic technique of working with torch and hot glass,  as already in the first lesson of the course you will feel safe to start  doing things with your own hands!

no need for any prior knowledge! 

The teacher is I, yael vloch. I've learned at Bezalel academy and over the last 10 years professionalized with many amazing international artists, including Chihuly glass school in Seattle.


The course includes 10 sessions - 3 hours each,

with personalized training and feedback in small groups of up to 6 students

price: 4650 ILS 

No need for prior knowledge 

Glassblowing course

The connection to the work, the development of the artistic side, the expression of emotion through the hands, how much they contribute to the person and how important they are, they make it possible to express the feelings of the heart and thoughts in a positive and fun way so that the body relaxes and the mind relaxes. One of the artistic and pleasant ways that allow the release of passions in an absolute way is the various glassblowing techniques, using these techniques anyone will be able to create, out of nowhere, glass products that are spectacular in beauty, varied in their colors and unique in appearance. If in the past the field of glassblowing was considered complex and reserved only for professional artists, then today anyone who is interested in discovering this creative field, is welcome to join a glassblowing course which is considered the perfect combination of maximum enjoyment, true creativity and sense of release and self-expression. The glassblowing studio of the glass artist Yael Velach, invites you to join a special course that does not require any prior knowledge in the field and is intended for anyone who has art in their mind. With the required equipment and materials, through the professional operation of the various clarifiers to the creation of the spectacular products from glass that has been professionally blown and designed, all in a particularly pleasant and fun atmosphere.

A unique glassblowing course at Yael and Lach's studio
The glassblowing course at Yael and Lech's studio will allow each participant to study in depth, step by step, until they reach a high level of familiarity that allows them to create spectacular glass products, including glass monitor animals, special glass jewelry, colored tools or any other product you choose to create glass. All stages of working with glass, including glass design, color combinations, model preparation and more. The course is conducted in small groups of 4 to 10 participants so that each participant will receive a personal and individual reference that includes an in-depth explanation and demonstration of the required actions, then each participant will work in a personal work position and begin the creative work. Participates in creating their favorite product. The creation of the special glass products will be carried out by each of the participants himself from the initial meeting after receiving a brief explanation.

Glassblowing course - for an exciting and unforgettable experience
The glassblowing course is a special and exciting experience, especially if you have chosen to come to it in the company of a close person, family member, friend or acquaintance with whom you would like to experience this enjoyable experience. The course is held in the authentic studio of Yael Velach which is located in the product signal house which is adjacent to the Jerusalem station complex and gives the creator a special atmosphere of contemporary and interesting art and craftsmanship, is considered one of the best places to learn the field and know the world of glassblowing. You are welcome to come, be impressed and learn with us a whole world of special creations in the field of glass that will allow you to create glass products of your personal imagination.

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