Glassblowing is a special form of art, used to create things such as jewelry, home design pieces & artwork using Glass blowing techniques of heating, cutting and connecting glass.

the glass blowing studio of Jerusalem offers a wide range of workshops for groups of friends, families, teenagers and courses for those who want to become a glassblower themselves.

What is glass blowing

What is glassblowing:

Glassblowing is a form of art for creating in glass. The art of glassblowing has existed for thousands of years and through it many diverse things are made such as home design decore, jewelry and of course fine art.

The glassblowing art is so much fun and anybody can become a glass blower even they don't have any experiance.

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glassblowing workshops:

Whether you want a one-time experience to celebrate a family event or you want to go out n amazing date, the studio is the place for you!

You will have a fun, fascinating and mesmerizing experience. From the moment you arrive until you leave you will not be able to get up from the crafting of glass.You will create with your own hands and take back with you home not only your own glass souvenirs but mostly an unforgettable experience! To the Workshops page

to Workshop page

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Derech Beit Lechem 11, Jerusalem


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