Experience the thrill of flame work and create your very own glass objects


General details:

Location: Derech Hebron 12, Jerusalem, close the “First station”

–Up to 20 participants(If you are more, give us a call…)

-Duration of workshop: 2-3 hours

Suitable for kids from the age of 8

-Kids under 8 need supervision

Everyone creates their own souvenir

–No prior knowledge needed

Workshops include:

– Introduction to flame working and safety instructions

– A demo of what you will be doing

– Practice time

Things you can create:

Blown animals, Glass candies,

Bar Mitzvah workshop – A hand for reading the Torah.

Jewelry workshop – Earrings, rings, pendants.

Hanukkah workshops- Dreidels or Shamash for the Menorah.

Rosh Hashanah Workshop – Bee Honey Teaspoons, Pomegranates.



Couples – 820 NIS 

235 NIS for each additional person

Couples can come for a cup blowing workshop for 920  NIS. The cup will be ready the next day.


Q & A

Everyone will create their own personal souvenir and take it home with them.

Up to 20 participants can come to the workshop. If you are more, it is better that you contact us and we will see how we can help.

A child between 8-10 can create together with an adult.

Depending on the participants. generally between 1.5-3 hours. For example, a couple can create in an hour and a half and 20 participants in 3 hours.

A large variety of things – small animals, Cacti, a glass, plants, flowers, dreidels, Bee spoon for honey for Rosh Hashana…

Definitely! Everyone creates and take his/her their own souvenir.

All workshops are completely private. If by chance there are several individuals who want to come on their own we will try to help by putting them all together.

At the “Jerusalem House of Quality”. It is a unique and ancient structure with many art galleries inside the building. It is very close to the “First Station”, under “Givat Hatanakh” and in front of the Mount Zion Hotel. Derech Hebron 12

You can cancel a week in advance.

Since it is an ancient building and we are on the second floor, unfortunately there is no way to get to the studio without going up the stairs. Hopefully in the future…

Unfortunately we prefer not to take the risk.

You should come with closed shoes. In the studio you will receive protective glasses and a work apron.

There is a tour (must be booked in advance) about the building, its history and architecture. There is a restaurant operating on site (by reservation) as well as other restaurants at the “First Station”.

There is a blue and white parking lot 50 meters up the street, or the “First Station” parking lot 7 minutes walk from the studio.

Yes. There are coffee and cookies – you can sit on our stunning balcony with an inspiring view of the old city.

First of all, everyone goes through a demonstration, then you will divide into groups and work in rounds – each group works for 40 minutes up to an hour, while the others can relax and walk around the building/outside.

We start by choosing an artistic work we want to create and then we do a demonstration. After that everyone sits down with their own tourch and start creating. If you are more than 10 people, you will work in rotation: you will be divided into groups and while one group is working the other can rest.

Fire shows can be ordered for festive events at your home. We come with a tourch stand and create unique glass art for you.

Most definitely. For example, in the Hanukkah workshop, we will make trinkets. In the Bar/Bat Mitzvah workshop we will prepare a hand for the Torah. Rosh Hashanah spoon for honey and more… Talk to us about specific things you want to create.

You can join our glass courses. All the details are on the website.

Already at the end of the workshop.

Yes! If you do you will have full attention and you will be able to create an amazing piece, maybe even two.

Glassblowing workshops
Looking for a special 2-3 hour experiential activity of fun, creativity, art and self-expression? Interested in the idea for a day of unconventional fun, which will combine a special creation of a personal element for an unforgettable experience? Tasting a unique art you have not yet experienced? The glass-blowing studio of the artist Yael Velach invites you to several hours of familiarity with the world of glass-blowing, during which you will get to know the various glass-blowing methods, operation of additional clarifiers for glass heating and dissolution, glass blowing techniques and design, possible color combination, melted glass design options and more. The glassblowing workshop in our studio will begin with a brief explanation of the equipment for Heni work, a demonstration of the work on the various Heni methods, product design, gluing of elements and more, then there will be meetings and safety instructions using professional equipment. Designed by Demi Peri and Miomi a special monitoring animal, an impressive piece of jewelry, spinning tops, bowls and utensils or any other glass product that is possible within the time frame.

An exciting workshop for creating unique glass products
The glassblowing studio of the artist Yael Velach offers a special workshop of a personal and relaxed nature, the workshop is suitable for up to 20 participants from the age of 8 and up, it does not require any prior knowledge and therefore it is suitable for anyone who wants to get acquainted with glassblowing. , Perform ni and design of which glass has undergone a process of mass and come out with a special glass product which has been designed from your imagination. The glassblowing workshop is very suitable as a special activity for fun today in the company of a person close to our hearts, as a routine-breaking activity for work colleagues, as a unique family event where physical activity will take place, or for any other reason and event you will never forget.

Celebrate a day of unconventional fun
If you were looking for an unconventional gift for a dear and beloved person, if you want to experience a day of exciting and unforgettable fun? The glassblowing workshop of the artist Yael and you is a special, exciting and interesting option that will provide you with time to create, learn, do and express your creativity, during which you will learn about the active tools for glassblowing and how to operate them, create a unique product of your choice. You have created glass from the concept stage until the final product is received, accompanied and guided by a team of instructors who will know how to guide and direct the efficient and professional execution of the weighting work. The special studio of the glass artist Yael Velach at Beit Ot, located near the Jerusalem station complex, will complete the authentic and special experience for a real fun day.